Why would I need a dialer?

Dialer systems are essential for any telemarketing, direct sales and call center operation. Saving money on each step, quality dialer systems allow you to manage your agents proactively, monitor all activities, create targeted campaigns, set individual call ratios etc. Having a high quality dialer system within your business opens many marketing and sales opportunities. Good dialers also protect you, safely storing your information, contact lists, accounts as well as fully complying to active legislation.

I want to know more about your dialers

Our dialers are usually GoAutoDial based, but we can build dialers on Vicidial, OSDial or any other dialer platform you might prefer. GoAutoDial predictive dialers are characterized by speed, stability and a plethora of options such as advanced campaign settings, custom (per-campaign) caller ID, advanced reporting, scheduled callbacks, realtime reports, call monitoring and barging, multiple dialing modes (manual, ratio, predictive...), GoAdmin web-based utility for managing MySQL, Linux parameter setup, network configuration and more. Feel free to contact us if you might have any questions.

Are all of your dialers VoIP-based?

Usually yes. However, our dialers can also work with dedicated Asterix cards, Sangoma, PBX analog lines, T1 lines... Anything you desire. Although, due to the lowest cost, VoIP is recommended.

What 'waiting time' between two calls should I expect?

Provided that you have a stable  Internet connection and a reliable VoIP provider, the 'waiting time' between two successful calls per agent varies from 4s to 10s.

How would I manage callbacks and other advanced features?

Scheduled callbacks are easily manageable through the dialer interface, along with many other features such as call transfers, agent-only callbacks, advanced campaign settings etc.

Many other advanced features such as conversion tracking, advanced statistics etc. are managed using an CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software integrated within the dialer system.

Why would I need a server?

These days, servers are a necessity of any serious business. Servers allow your business to run smooth and seamlessly, allowing fast and easy file sharing, safe access to sensitive documents using the permission system, easy and convenient email management, valuable statistics and improve the overall stability and safety of your IT department and the business in whole.

ProDialers specializes in both Windows and Linux based servers and systems.

What hardware you are using for your dialers?

Because of their high stability and quality, we prefer using Dell. Our most commonly used server is Dell PowerEdge 2950 GIII with dual quad-core Xeon's (2.00GHz-3.00GHz) and 16-32GB of RAM, redundant power supplies, RAID controller and dual 15k RPM hard drives.

Can the user interface be customized?

Basic customization (logo's, titles etc.) is included in the price.

Where can I find a reliable VoIP provider?

We recommend OneCentVoP for premium short-duration termination in USA / CAN.

How do I contact you?

You can use our contact page, email us directly at info@prodialers.com or give us a ring at 818-876-5976. Our hours of operation are 9AM-6PM PST during the week and 9AM-3PM during the weekends.

Why would I need a custom router?

Custom routers ensure a stable and uninterrupted flow of data through your network. Custom UNIX-based routers are designed to be used in businesses which have somewhat of advanced needs pertaining to the network, such as large businesses, businesses with a bigger number of call center or telemarketing agents, complex network setup etc. Problems such as "under-water" or "robotic" sound are usually resolved by obtaining a industry-standard router.

What are the payment options I have?

We accept checks, cashier's checks, money orders and online payments through PayPal or any major credit card such as Visa, Master Card, American Express or Discover. Monthly installments are also possible.

Are your prices 'firm'?

Usually, yes. However, you might be eligible for a significant discount, one of our monthly promotions or similar. Also, due to the specifics of your operation, the price of the service can be adjusted to accommodate your needs. Feel free to contact us and discuss your situation. We can also agree on

What if my business is not located in Los Angeles?

We will gladly pay you a visit anywhere within the state of California.

If your business is located in an another state or abroad, we can arrange a visit in accordance with the value and difficulty of the project.

If your business already has a dedicated and capable IT department, a remote installation can be arranged, lowering the overall cost of the project.

Do you have technical support?

Absolutely. We offer 24/7/365 tech support to all of our clients. No excuses.