NEW! ViCiDial + WebRTC Integration


Imagine using your ViCiDial dialer without the need to install, configure and constantly deal with softphones such as Zoiper, X-lite, Eyebeam and similar.

As a custom service, ProDialers can integrate a WebRTC phone within your agent UI, enabling audio (and even video, screen sharing) stream within the browser and UI itself, eliminating the need for installation and setup of any softphone software.

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Predictive Dialers San Francisco


Due to popular demand, ProDialers is now implementing predictive dialers in San Francisco, CA. Predictive dialer installation can be performed remotely or at your San Francisco Bay location with little or no additional charge.



New on menu - SIP Trunking


Dear clients, we are happy to announce that we will be rounding up our predictive dialer palette of services with premier SIP Trunking, specializing in short duration (dialer) traffic for USA. If you have any questions about this service, or if you would like to sign up for a test account, please visit



GoAutoDial 3.0


One of our favorite open-source predictive dialers just had an update - GoAutoDial 3.0 has been released. Our tech's and developers had the pleasure of playing with it and we were all excited with the new UI and new features. Find out more and view the screenshots at


Giving back


We are giving back...

Prodialers will donate part of the profit to the Open Source Community. We want to give back to the Community and give our share to those brave professionals. We do our best to donate to several Open Source Communities and give something in return, that will be posted in our latest news section in order to be transparent and clear.

We are for profit organization, but still we know the value of the hard work people do to make Open Source code better and better everyday. For that we thank you!


About Us



Who are we and what we do?

ProDialers is a premium call-center and telemarketing software and hardware solution provider based in Los Angeles, California. Our goal is providing our clients with the most reliable, fastest and user-friendly predictive dialers on the market for an affordable price. We specialize in open-source dialer systems, their installation, customization, adaptation and implementation. If you are already using a dialer at your business, feel free to give us a call and find out how much money you can save every month on using our dialers, and how much more you can earn thanks to high-speed premium solutions we're providing. If not, contact us anytime and request a free, no obligation quote that will beat all competitors. Still not sure? Request a free demo and see how your telemarketing/call center operation can function.

Besides predictive dialers, we also specialize in Microsoft® Windows™ and Linux server installation and customization, CRM customization and implementation as well as installation of custom UNIX-based routers that will take care of all of your network-related troubles.

Internetize.Me and ProDialers are brands of De Mus, Inc.