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Predictive Dialers

Premium predictive dialer systems based on ViciBox or GoAutoDial.


Good Quality trunk for all your needs. Conversational & CLI, no-FAS traffic.

Phone Service

Cloud Phone System / PBX Based on IncrediblePBX / FreePBX


Custom CRM for your industry and needs.

Servers / Routers

Able to handle millions of simultaneous connections and extremely high load.


Smooth operation and problem solving happening in real time.

Most Popular Solutions

No-brainer Lead Generation

Different marketing methods have appeared and disappeared in the last decade or two. Predictive dialers not only withstood the test of time, but have became one of the most reliable methods of lead generation.

Minimal Outoof-pocket cost

No need to buy expensive equipment. It’s time to move your dialer to the cloud.

Increase your telemarketing room's productivity by up to 200%

No auto-dial limits, no caps on data, channels or anything else. We only ask you to use proper, legitimate CIDs.

Managed solution

Prodialers also offers management services – let us optimize the way your room works and generates leads.

Detailed Reporting & Analytics

Eliminate all the guesswork; Our platform offers you a detailed insight in your lead generation process, including custom report, lead maps, dispatch routes etc.

Metrics you can see in action

No need for guesswork. We can guarantee that switching to our dialers, your production will increase dramatically. Free trials available for qualifying clients.

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