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Who are we and what we do?

ProDialers is a premium call-center and telemarketing software and hardware solution provider based in Los Angeles, California. Our goal is providing our clients with the most reliable, fastest and user-friendly predictive dialers on the market for an affordable price. We specialize in open-source dialer systems, their installation, customization, adaptation and implementation. If you are already using a dialer at your business, feel free to give us a call and find out how much money you can save every month on using our dialers, and how much more you can earn thanks to high-speed premium solutions we’re providing. If not, contact us anytime and request a free, no obligation quote that will beat all competitors. Still not sure? Request a free demo and see how your telemarketing/call center operation can function.

Why choose us?

Besides predictive dialers and phone systems we also specialize in Microsoft® Windows™ and Linux server installation and customization, CRM customization and implementation as well as installation of custom UNIX-based routers that will take care of all of your network-related troubles.

Internetize.Me and ProDialers are brands of De Mus, Inc.

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