Resolving the problem “Extension not found” on ViCiDial

With certain dialer installations experiencing problems with outbound dialing, the dialing process can be slow or the calls might not go through at all. In this case, open your SSH Client (i.e. we use Putty) and connect to the Asterisk CLI:

asterisk -vvvr

If your CLI gives you an error/notice similar to: “Extension not found” or similar, please:

  1. Check if your dialplan is correct and you are not dialing more or less numbers than you should be
  2. Make sure that your lists contain only numbers of the correct length.

I.e. USA numbers are always 10 digit long. To make sure that all of the numbers in your dialers’ lists are 10 digit numbers, log on to your PHPMyAdmin (if installed) or use SSH to connect to the MySQL:

mysql -uroot

use asterisk

When connected to either, run the following command:

delete from vicidial_list where length(phone_number)!=10

This will remove any rows from the vicidial_list table containing numbers which are shorter or longer than 10 characters, that is, digits.


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