Small Dialer 1-20 seats


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ViCiDial / GoAutoDial (Latest Distribution / Version)
Single Server Predictive Dialer
Up To 20 Agents

On-Premise server setup included.
Station setup included.
Initial 1h manager training included.
Initial campaign, list, SIP trunk setup included.
$100 introductory VoIP credit included.

ProDialers is a proud provider of premium predictive dialer systems based on ViciBox or GoAutoDial, limited by it’s specifications for the number of 1-20 user agents. Our solutions can perform flawlessly using VoIP (Voice over IP), classic PBX, T1 or Asterix telephony systems, as well as the combination of the mentioned. Future expansion of the system, if needed, is easy, affordable and seamless.

ProDialers uses only the highest quality Dell® hardware ensuring maximum stability and longevity of the system.

If you might have specific needs or would like to talk with one of our expert, please do not hesitate to contact us and find out more about our services, warranties, included free training for the call center/telemarketing manager and staff.

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